Home Dining

This is the Home – Dining wing of Indian Zest restaurant.

The concept is simple – Regional Indian food cooked, packed and delivered to your doorstep. – Delivery Hours: 5.45pm – 10pm

Chef patron Manoj Vasaikar and Director-Proprietor Bhanu Pratap have taken great care in designing the ‘home dining’ menu of Indian Zest. We have selected only those dishes, which when cooked and packed retain their aroma, flavor, texture and taste so that you can enjoy a great meal in the comfort of your home.

How to Order?

  • Call 01932 765 000
  • For your convenience and to reduce errors, please use the numbers of the dishes when ordering.
  • We reserve the right to exclude certain areas for delivery.
  • We serve a maximum of 30 deliveries each evening. We limit the number of deliveries to ensure all orders are delivered fast and retain optimum taste, flavour and texture. We do not pre-cook the food or keep it half done. All your dishes are cooked on order and therefore delivery time will vary from 45 – 75 minutes or as advised by the order taker.
  • Minimum waiting time for collection is 20 – 35 minutes.
  • Errors and Omission Exempted; All major credit & debit cards accepted
  • All prices are VAT inclusive in Pound Sterling.
  • Allergies: We cannot guarantee that any of our foods are free from nuts or nut derivatives or dairy products as we work in surrounding of these ingredients. Request the waiter for your dietary requirements. We do our best to maintain that our food is free from GM (genetically modified ingredients and MSG).

The Menu


  1. Pappadums 75p each
    Set of three chutneys £1.75
  1. Peas & Potato Tikki with Sprouted Beans £4.75

Peas & potato patti with spices & fresh herbs drizzled with yoghurt, tamarind & sprouted beans, garnished with assorted baby cress leaves.

  1. Samosa with Chana Masala & Cottage Cheese £4.00 single

Samosa with peas & potatoes (Punjabi Samosa) served with cheese & chick pea curry.

  1. Vegetable Bhanavla £4.00

Our version of the ubiquitous onion bhaji, first steamed & then griddled in the authentic Maharashtrian way.

  1. Prawn & Aubergine Kharphatla £7.75 single

A warm medley of jumbo prawns & aubergine finished off with a caramelised onion, tomato & pickle masala.

6. Bhajela Calamari single £6.75

Curls of squid sautéed with crushed garlic, black pepper, red onion and capsicum.

  1. Scallops in Hirva Masala £7.95

Scallops marinated in fresh herbs & spices, griddled on tawa (iron pan), served with assorted baby leaves & cress.

  1. Shikampuri Kebab £5.75

A delicate kebab of chicken mince, spices & fresh herbs from Nizam’s of Hyderabad, stuffed with Indian cottage cheese & mint, served with hot & sour onion relish.

  1. Methi Malai Tikka £5.75 single

Succulent pieces of chicken breast, marinated with dried fenugreek cheese & griddled in a clay oven (main course portion also available, please ask the order taker).

  1. Nawabi Lamb Salli £5.95 single

Lean minced lamb with fresh fenugreek, mint, coriander, spices, stuffed with Paneer- Indian cottage cheese, served with spicy tomato & onion relish.

Main Course

  1. Vegetable Kofta & Spinach Curry £8.75

A mixed vegetable dumpling stuffed with cottage cheese in onion & spinach gravy.

  1. Tandoori Artichoke & Paneer with warm spicy roasted vegetable relish £9.75 single

Indian Cottage cheese & artichoke griddled in clay oven & served with rich spicy relish of cashew nut & roasted vegetables.

  1. Jumbo Prawns in Pomegranate seeds & Dill £13.75 single

Jumbo prawns marinated in yoghurt, pomegranate seeds & dill griddled & served with onion, ginger & tomato relish.

  1. Karwari Fish Curry £11.75 

Seasonal fish curry from the west coast of India with an unusual flavour of the spice (trifala) only native to that area.

  1. Duck Chettinad £11.75 single

Breast of duck in a blend of Chettinad community spices, roasted coconut & tempered with mustard seeds & curry leaves.

  1. Chicken Makhani £8.75

Succulent pieces of tandoori chicken tikka, simmered in a tomato & fenugreek gravy.

  1. Kerala Chicken Stew £8.75

A delicate chicken stew from the Syrian Christian community from Kerala, with vegetables, coconut milk & freshly tempered with mustard seeds & curry leaves.

  1. Chicken Miravna £8.75 single

A classic chicken dish from the earliest settled community of Mumbai (the Pathare Prabhu) using natural green fresh herbs & spices.

  1. Malabar Chicken Curry £8.75 

Chicken breast cubes tempered with mustard seeds, whole crushed spices, sliced onions, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, tomatoes & finished with tamarind & coconut milk.

  1. Saffron Chicken Korma £8.75

Chicken breast cubes, cooked in a very delicate onion, cashew nut & saffron gravy.

  1. Chicken Jhalfrezi £8.75 

Succulent pieces of tandoori chicken tikka, stir-fried with onions, peppers, tomatoes & green chillies, simmered in light tomato gravy, finished with fresh herbs in Zing style.

  1. Fish Shirale £11.75

Assorted seafood, poached in a delicate sauce of spices, herbs, gram flour, virgin extract of coconut milk & finished with onion & tomato masala.

  1. Khyber Pass Raan £11.75

Shanks of lamb braised in a robust gravy of poppy seed, onions, ginger & spices. A northwest frontier dish.

  1. Lamb Roganjosh £8.95

Lamb cooked in a traditional style originated from ‘Awadh’ region in North India with a unique flavour of rogan (tinged, flavoured & spiced oil) & josh – a strong punch of knuckle juice & marrow.

  1. Nilgiri Lamb £8.95 single

A hill station lamb curry made using stone ground spices, coconut & fresh green herbs.

  1. Lamb Dhansak £8.95

Lamb cooked with dill, pumpkin, aubergine, tamarind, fenugreek & lentils (A speciality of the Mumbai Parsee community)

  1. Ghatti Lamb £8.95

A robust dish form the Sahyadri Ranges made with fresh, hand pounded herbs & black pepper.

  1. Gymkhana Lamb Chops £14.75

Lamb cutlets marinated in ginger, green chillies & mint, served with a smooth spicy lamb jus.


(Side dishes can be served as a main course portion with a supplement of £2.50 added to it, please ask the order taker)

  1. Seasonal vegetable foogath £5.75

Tempered with mustard seeds, coconut & curry leaves.

  1. Subz Paneer Makhani £5.75

Mixed vegetable & cottage cheese in tomato & fenugreek sauce.

  1. Sukka Mushroom Bhaji £5.50

Exotic Mushrooms with sharp Madras shallots & spices.

  1. Goda Batata Rassa £4.25 single

New potatoes in a blend of tomatoes & onion gravy tempered with mustard seeds & Asafoetida.

  1. Baingan & Makai Bharta £5.75 single

Smoked aubergine, onion & corn.

  1. Meloni Tarkari £5.50 single

Spinach, fenugreek & dill leaves.

  1. Tadka Dal £4.75 single

Lentils, garlic & red chillies.

  1. Ma Di Daal £5.75 single

(Available only on Saturday & Sunday)
Black lentils, ginger & spices.

  1. Dum Gobi Matar £5.50 single

Braised cauliflower with onions, spices & green peas.

  1. Bhindi Do piazza £5.75 single

Okra, Onion, tomatoes, peppers with black salt & roasted cumin.

  1. Chana Masala £4.75 single

Chickpeas with tomatoes, onions & dried mango powder.

  1. Indian Zest Salad £3.25

Seasonal salad leaves with cucumber, carrot,tomatoes & sprouted beans.

  1. Raita £3.50

Smoked aubergine, onion tomato & cucumber or a combination of any.


  1. Bhujung Biryani £12.50

Lighter version of traveller’s biryani made in the suburbs of Mumbai express highway (Vasai) with puffed or pulao rice with your choice of Prawns, Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable served with Raita, Vegetable sauce & Pappadum.(Add a £2.75 for Prawn Biryani)

Rice & Breads

  1. Aromatic basmati rice £2.75
  2. Jeera & saffron pulao £3.25
  3. Lemon & Ginger rice £3.50
  4. Rice with roasted spices & vegetable (Masala Bhat) £4.50
  1. Leavened bread (Naan) £2.75
  2. Whole wheat bread (Roti) £2.75
  3. Leavened bread with Garlic (Garlic Naan) £3.25
  4. Coconut & raisins stuffed in leavened bread (Peshwari Naan) £3.50
  1. Cottage cheese stuffed in leavened bread (Paneer kulcha) £3.50
  1. Layered whole wheat bread (Lachha paratha) £3.25
  1. Bread of the day (Please ask the waiter) £3.50


  1. Rasmalai £3.75
    Casein of milk poached in saffron & caramelised milk.
  1. Gulab Jamun £3.75
    Caramelised milk dumplings.


  1. Cobra – 330ml – 4.8% (India) £2.95
  2. Tiger – 330ml – 4.8% (Singapore) £2.95
  3. Brakspear Organic Beer – 500ml – 4.6% (UK) £4.95
  4. Aspall Classic Organic Cider – 500ml – 7.0% (UK) £4.95

Soft Drinks

  1. Coke/Diet Coke – 330ml glass bottle £2.50
  2. Lemonade/Sprite – 330ml glass bottle £2.50
  3. Sill/Sparkling Water – 750cl £2.95

Red Wine

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon, Les Templiers Vin de Pays – France £13.75
    Blackcurrant & blackberry flavours with ripe balanced tannins.
  1. Sula Shiraz – Sula Vineyard Nashik – India £16.75
    Full bodied red fruit flavours & a rich & smooth finish.

White Wine

  1. Chardonnay, Les Templiers Vin de Pays, France – £13.75
    A crisp white wine with refreshing citrus fruit flavours.
  1. Sauvignon Blanc Sula Vineyard Nashik – India – £16.75
    Herbaceous, crisp & dry, with hints of green pepper & a touch of spice at the finish.

 If you cannot see any of your favourite dishes on

our regional menu (Korma, Masala, Curry, Madras, Jhalfarezi, Do Peaza, Saag, Bhuna, Balti, Dhansak, Vindaloo or Rogan) just let us know & our chefs can prepare them for delivery.

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