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Pappadums and Khakara basket with pickle and relish – £3.75 (for two)

Peas and Potato Tikki with Sprouted Beans – £5.75
Peas and potato patti with spices and fresh herbs drizzled with yoghurt, tamarind and sprouted beans, garnished with assorted baby cress leaves.

single Samosa with Chana Masala and Cottage Cheese – £4.75
Samosa with peas and potatoes (Punjabi Samosa) served with cheese and chick pea curry.

Vegetable Bhanavla – £4.75
Our version of the ubiquitous onion bhaji, first steamed and then griddled in the authentic Maharashtrian way.

 single  Bhajela Calamari – £7.75
Curls of squid sautéed with crushed garlic, black pepper, red onion and capsicum.

 single Prawn and Aubergine Kharphatla – £8.75
A warm medley of jumbo prawns and aubergine finished off with a caramelised onion, tomato & pickle masala.

single Mussel Rasam – £7.75
Mussels gently simmered in tomato and tamarind broth with a prominent flavour of garlic and curry leaves.

Scallops in Hirva Masala – £8.75
Scallops marinated in fresh herbs & spices griddled on tawa (iron pan) served with assorted baby leaves and cress.

Shikampuri Kebab – £6.75
A delicate kebab of chicken mince, spices & fresh herbs form Nizam’s of Hyderabad, stuffed with Indian cottage cheese and mint, served with hot and sour onion relish.

Methi Malai Tikka – £6.75
(Main course portion also available, please ask the server)
Succulent pieces of chicken breast, marinated with dried fenugreek, cheese and griddled in a clay oven.

single Nawabi Lamb Salli – £6.75
Lean minced lamb with fresh fenugreek, mint, coriander, spices, stuffed with home made cottage cheese, served with spicy tomato and onion relish.

single Our Version of a Mixed Platter – £9.75 per person (minimum for two)
Vegetable bhanavla, green peppercorn malai tikka, Nawabi lamb salli and prawn kharphatla served with fresh salad leaves and relish.

Raw Mango, Mint and Cucumber Frappe – £5.75
To refresh your palate we recommend this concoction. A natural coolant sweetened with jaggery and flavoured with cardamom.


An age-old Indian traditional concept of a complete balance diet for vegetarian or non-vegetarian served in small metal bowls ‘katoris’. Thalis provide a combination of different flavours, textures, colours, fibre and tastes.

 Vegetable Thali £24.75
Consist of Smoked Aubergine and Corn (Makai Bharta), Cauliflowers & Peas (Dum Gobi Matar), Mixed lentils (Tadka Dal), Spinach and dill leaves (Meloni Tarkari), New potatoes (Goda Batata Rasa), Raita, Pulao Rice, Naan and Pappadum.

 Non Vegetable Thali £28.75
Consist of one main portion of meat, fish, chicken or prawns of your choice (except Khyber pass Raan, Lobster Balchao & Lamb Chops) with Cauliflowers & peas (Dum Gobi Matar), Mixed lentils (Tadka Dal), Spinach and dill leaves (Meloni Tarkari), New potatoes (goda batata rassa), Raita, Rice, Naan and Pappadum. (Add £3 for Prawns)


Bhujung Biryani £13.75
Lighter version of traveller’s biryani made in the suburbs of Mumbai express highway (Vasai) with puffed or pulao rice with your choice of Prawns, Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable served with Raita, Salad and Pappadum.(Add a £3.00 for Prawn Biryani)

Main Dishes

Vegetable Kofta & Spinach Curry – £9.75
A mixed vegetable dumpling stuffed with cottage cheese in onion and spinach gravy. 

 Tandoori Artichoke and Paneer with warm spicy roasted vegetable relish – £10.75
Cottage cheese & artichoke griddled in clay oven & served with rich spicy gravy of cashew nut and roasted vegetable sauce.

 Jumbo Prawns in Pomegranate seeds and Dill – £15.75
Jumbo prawns marinated in yoghurt, pomegranate seeds and dill griddled and served with onion, ginger & tomato relish.

 Karwari Fish Curry – £13.75
Seasonal fish curry from the west coast of India with an unusual flavour of the spice (trifala) only native to that area.

Fish Shirale – £13.75
Assorted seafood poached in a delicate sauce of spices, herbs, gram flour, a virgin extract of coconut milk and finished with onion and tomato masala.

 Lobster Balcho – £19.75
Lobster tails seared with full flavoured hot sauce and balanced with jaggery and Goan spices, served with a timbale of spicy semolina.

 Duck Chettinad – £13.75
Breast of duck in a blend of Chettinad community spices, roasted coconut and tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Chicken Makhani – £9.75
Succulent pieces of tandoori chicken tikka simmered in a tomato and fenugreek gravy.

Kerala Chicken Stew – £9.75 
A delicate chicken stew from the Syrian Christian community from Kerala with vegetables, coconut milk and freshly tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

 Chicken Miravna – £10.75
A classic dish form the earliest settled community of Mumbai (the pathare prabhu) with natural green fresh herbs and spices.

 Malabar Chicken Curry – £10.75
Chicken cooked in coconut oil tempered with mustard seeds whole crushed spices and roughly chopped onion, ginger garlic, curry leaves, tomatoes and finished with tamarind and coconut milk.

Saffron Chicken Korma – £9.75
Pieces of chicken cooked in a very delicate onion, cashew nut and saffron gravy.

Zest’s Chicken Jhalfarezi – £10.75
Succulent pieces of tandoori chicken tikka stir-fried with onion, peppers, tomatoes and green chillies simmered in light tomato gravy.

Khyber Pass Raan – £13.75
Shanks of lamb braised in a robust gravy of poppy seed, onions, ginger and spices, – A northwest frontier dish

Lamb Roganjosh – £10.75
Lamb cooked in a traditional style originated from ‘Awadh’ region in North India with a unique flavour of rogan (tinged, flavoured and spiced oil) and josh – a strong punch of knuckle juice and marrow.

 Nilgiri Lamb – £10.75
A hill station lamb curry made using stone ground spices, coconut and fresh green herbs.

Lamb Dhansak – £10.75
Lamb cooked with dill, pumpkin, aubergine, tamarind, fenugreek and lentils (A speciality of the Mumbai Parsee community)

 Ghatti Lamb – £11.75
A robust dish form the Sahyadri Ranges made with fresh, hand pounded herbs and black pepper.

Gymkhana Lamb Chops – £16.75
Lamb cutlets marinated in ginger, green chillies and mint, served with a smooth spicy lamb jus.

Side Dishes & Salads

(Side dishes can be served as a main course portion with a supplement of £2.50 added to it, please ask the waiter)

Local seasonal vegetable Foogath – £6.75 
Tempered with mustard seeds, coconut and curry leaves.

Subz Paneer Makhani – £6.75 
Mixed vegetable and cottage cheese in tomato and fenugreek sauce.

Sukka Mushroom Bhaji – £5.75
Exotic Mushrooms with sharp Madras shallots and spices.

 Goda Batata Rassa – £4.75
New potatoes in a blend of tomatoes and onion gravy tempered with mustard seeds and asafoetida.

 Baingan and Makai Bharta – £6.75
Smoked aubergine, onion and corn.

 Meloni Tarkari – £5.75
Spinach, fenugreek and dill leaves.

Tadka Dal – £5.50
Lentils, garlic and red chillies.

Ma Di Dal – £6.75
Black lentils, ginger and spices. (Available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Dum Gobi Matar – £5.75
Braised cauliflower with onions, spices and green peas.

 Bhindi Do Piaza – £6.75
Okra, onion, tomatoes, peppers with black salt and roasted cumin.

 Chana Masala – £5.75
Chickpeas with tomatoes, onions and dried mango powder.

Indian Zest Salad – £3.50
Seasonal salad leaves with cucumber, radish, tomatoes and sprouted bean.

Raita – £3.75
Smoked aubergine, onion tomato and cucumber or a combination of any.

Rice & Breads

Aromatic basmati rice £2.75

Jeera and saffron pulao £3.50

Lemon and Ginger rice. £3.75

Rice with roasted spices and vegetable. (Masala Bhat) £4.75

Leavened bread (Naan) £2.75

Whole wheat bread (Roti) £2.75

Leavened bread with Garlic (Garlic Naan) £3.25

Coconut and raisins stuffed in leavened bread. (Peshwari Naan) £3.75

Cottage cheese stuffed in leavened bread (Paneer Kulcha) £3.75

Layered whole wheat bread (Laccha Paratha) £3.25

Bread of the day (Please ask the waiter) £3.75


Tandoori figs and organic apple muesli crumble £6.75
Tandoori figs and organic apple muesli crumble with vanilla ice cream.

Rasmalai £5.75
Casein of milk poached in saffron and caramelised milk.
Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Gulab Jamun £5.75
Caramelised milk dumplings served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Deshi Kulfi £5.75
Mango flavoured Indian ice cream made with reduced caramelised milk, saffron and a dash of Malibu.

Dairy vanilla with pods £5.75
Thick, creamy vanilla ice cream spotted with ground, aromatic vanilla pods.

Dairy milk chocolate chip £5.75
Smooth milk chocolate dairy ice cream with rich, dark chocolate chips.

Mango sorbet £5.75
Exotically sweet whole fruit sorbet containing ripe, fragrant mangoes.

Tropical lime sorbet with zest £5.75
A mouth watering tropical lime sorbet


Peppermint, Camomile, Masala, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Darjeeling – £2.75


Coffee – £2.75
Espresso – £2.25
Dbl Espresso – £2.75 
Cappuccino, Latte – £3.25
Liqueur coffee – £5.50

Dessert Wine

Sauternes, La Fleur D’Or, France (½ bottle) 13.5% – £15.50
Honey aromas with apricot and citrus fruits on a lingering finish.

• Errors and Omission Exempted.
• Service charge at our guest’s discretion, but a optional 10% is added to your total bill.
• All major credit cards & debit card accepted.
• All prices are VAT inclusive and in Sterling pounds.
All the wines have been carefully selected to compliment our unique concept of Indian Cuisine and to harmonise with the abundant variety of taste and flavours.
Should wine or vintage become unavailable we will offer a suitable alternative.
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