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Assorted Poppadums  £5 (for two)
accompanied with a set of three home-made chutneys

Banarasi Bhajia £6.25
Our version of the popular onion bhaji. A combination of shredded onion, potatoes and spinach with fennel seeds cooked in the authentic ‘Banarasi’ style. Banaras is regarded as the spiritual capital of India and situated on the banks of sacred river Ganges.

Aloo Matar Tikki with Sprouted Beans £6.75
A classic roadside snack, of peas and potato patti drizzled with fabulous fresh chutneys.

single Punjabi Samosa Chana Chaat £6.75
Samosa stuffed with spiced peas and potatoes. Served with chana masala, home-made mint-coriander, date & tamarind chutney.

single Prawn Koliwada £9.25
Classic mélange of king prawns, onion-garlic and asparagus cooked in Koliwada style. ‘Koliwada’ refers to a colony of Kolis (fishermen) in India.

Coconut Scallops with new potatoes £9.75
Pan seared succulent Scallops in coconut masala with new potatoes and a
harmonious blend of southern Indian spices.

Nawabi Kebab £7.75
Subtly spiced, patty shaped chicken mince kebabs from the kitchens of Awadhi Nawab’s, stuffed with soft cheese and mint served with hot and sour tomato relish.

Zafrani Chicken Tikka (Main course portion also available) £7.75
Succulent pieces of chicken breast, marinated over night with yoghurt, herbs and spices. Baked on live charcoals in a clay oven and served along with fresh mint and coriander relish.

single Gilafi Lamb Seekh £8.75
Lean minced lamb kebab, wrapped with finely chopped peppers and served with spicy tomato and onion chutney.

Zest’s Sharing Platter £9.75 per person
A combination of Banarasi Bhajia, Zafrani chicken tikka, Gilafi lamb seekh and Prawn & asparagus. (minimum for two). Served with fresh baby leaves salad and chutneys.

Main Dishes

( Main Course – Seafood Dishes )

 Konkani Fish Curry £13.75
Tilapia tempered in coconut oil with mustard seeds, simmered in boldly spiced gravy, flavoured with Cocum (souring smoked & dried fruit).

Goan Prawn Curry £14.75
King prawns poached in aromatic coconut milk & tamarind, flavoured with
mustard and curry leaves.

 Seafood Sangam £14.75
A ravishing combination of King prawns and tilapia with herbs and select spices.
Balanced with full flavoured rich coconut milk.

 Chargrilled King Prawns in Musk Melon Seeds £15.75
Warm water King prawns in a saffron-scented marinade with pomegranate and magaz seeds. Served with fresh root ginger, garlic and tomato chutney.

Lobster Balchao £22.75
Lobster tail seared with peppery onion and tomato masala. Infused with jaggery and Goan spices. Served with a timbale of semolina and sprouted beans.


( Main Course – Poultry Dishes )

Duck Anjeeri £13.75
Sliced breast of duck cooked with tandoori figs, coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Zest’s Chicken Makhani £11.50
Originated in the gourmet city of Delhi.
Bite size pieces of chicken tikkas smothered in tomato and alluringly spiced butter sauce.

 Chicken Kolhapuri £11.75
Chicken breast pieces in a sauce made with sharp shallots, tomato and white poppy seeds.
A fairly hot chicken dish originating from ‘Kolhapur’ a small town in west India.

Chicken Miravna £11.50
A favourite home style chicken curry from Mumbai with mint, coriander,
fenugreek and stone ground spices.

Kerala Kozhi Stew £11.50
A Keralan classic stew of chicken and vegetables with mustard seeds,
curry leaves and coconut milk.

 Malabar Coastal Curry £11.50
A local delicacy from the Malabar coast in South India. Chicken breast cubes in a skilful blending of star anise, fresh root ginger, tomatoes and virgin extract of coconut milk.
Intensified with red chillies and curry leaves.

Saffron Chicken Korma £11.50
Cubed Chicken breast simmered in a harmonious blend of saffron, onion and cashew nuts.

Zest’s Chicken Jhalfarezi £11.50
Chargrilled chicken tikkas cooked in a rich tomato-onion and pepper gravy
with a special strain of chillies.


(Main Course – Lamb Dishes)

 Lamb Roganjosh £13
Gently cooked lamb in a traditional Luckhnawi style punctuated with a strong flavour of knuckle juice and marrow.  The most popular lamb curry in North India.

 Lamb Banjara £13.50
The ancient princely state of Rajasthan gave rise to a royal cuisine. Lamb Banjara is a traditional Rajasthani speciality of diced lamb tenderised with natural yoghurt and cooked with coarse ground spices.

 Gotia Lamb Dagad Phool £13.50
A fiery hot lamb curry from the hills of Western Ghats. Slow cooked lamb morsels steeped in a spicy gravy enhanced with ‘dagad phool’ a black stone flower spice.

Lamb Dhansak £13
An all time classic Mumbai Parsee dish. A combination of lamb, puréed vegetable and lentils.

 Rajputana Raan £14.75
Slow cooked Shank of lamb braised in a gravy of onion and ginger infused with alkanet root, better known as ‘Ratan Jyot’ spice in India.

Kashmiri Lamb Chops £17.75
Chargrilled, French trimmed lamb chops soaked overnight in a marinade of saffron, yogurt, and special Kashmiri spice blend. Served with baby leaves and fresh mint-coriander chutney.

Nilgiri Lamb Thattu Kada £13
Lamb cubes in a deliciously spiced gravy of fresh mint-coriander, roasted coconut and curry leaves. This popular dish originates from ‘Thattu Kadas’ which are small local eateries dotted on highways in Southern India.

Rajwadi Curry Chops £17.75
A robust dish of lamb cutlets cooked in curd gravy with onion, garlic and Jaipuri spices.


The Vegetarian – Maharani Thali £25.75 – A full traditional vegetarian meal.
Thali platter consists of braised cauliflower and new potatoes, chargrilled aubergine bharta, black lentils, spinach and fenugreek, mushroom bhaji, roasted cumin and saffron pulao rice.
Served with raita, naan, salad and poppadum.

The Non Vegetarian – Maharaja Thali £29.75
A complete balanced main course.
Please choose one portion of fish, prawns, chicken or lamb. (Except Lamb Chops and Shank).
Served with braised cauliflower and new potatoes, chargrilled aubergine bharta, black lentils, spinach and fenugreek, mushroom bhaji, roasted cumin and saffron pulao rice, raita, naan, salad and poppadum. (Add £3.00 for Prawns).

Bombay Bohri Biryani £14.75
Available with your choice of Prawns, Chicken, Lab or Vegetables.
Bohri community is originally from Gujarat now residing in Bombay. There is a sophisticated bohri richness in the biryani with the lightness and flavour of Bombay. Served with Raita, vegetable gravy, salad and Poppadum. (Add £3.00 for Prawn Biryani).

Vegetarian Dishes

Soya Chaap Masala £11.75
Soya chunks cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and chili
masala—a protein-rich, meat-free delight for hearty meals.

Palak Kofta Curry £10.75
Mixed vegetable dumplings cooked in a spiced spinach gravy.

 Tandoori Panner Tikka with Artichoke Hearts  £11.75
Tandoor grilled Artichoke hearts and Indian Cottage cheese served with green leaves and a tomato, cashew nut chutney.

Side Dishes
(Below Side dishes also available as a main course portion with a supplement of £2.50)

  Matar Paneer £8.75
Indian cottage cheese, garden green peas in tomato and fenugreek sauce.

  Mushroom  Bhaji £7.75
Mushrooms with onion and spices.

Aloo Hara Dhania £6.75
New potatoes, roasted cumin and abundance of fresh coriander.

Tandoori Baigan Bharta £7.75
Chargrilled aubergine blended with mildly spiced tender maize kernels.

Methi Palak Meloni £7.75
A classic combination of Spinach and fresh fenugreek leaves.

 Tadka Dal £6.75
Mixed Lentils tempered with garlic and red chillies.

  Dal Makhani £7.75
Black lentils cooked overnight with cream and butter.

  Aloo Dum Gobhi £6.75
Braised cauliflower florets with onion and new potatoes.

  Bhindi Jodhpuri £7.75
Okra, onion, tomatoes, peppers with black salt and roasted cumin.

  Kabuli Chana Masala £6.75
Nutritious and protein-packed chickpeas with dried mango powder.

 Zest Salad £4.50
Green salad leaves with cucumber, carrot, tomatoes and sprouted beans.

Raita £4.75
Greek yoghurt with mixed vegetables and raisins.

Long Grain Basmati Rice & Tandoori Breads

 Steamed Basmati Rice £3.50

Roasted Cumin and Saffron Pulao £4.50

Lemon and Root Ginger Rice £4.75

Khumb Pulao – Mushroom Rice £4.75

Masala Chawal – Vegetable Rice £5.75


 Naan Leavened bread £3.50

Garlic Naan Leavened bread with garlic £4.25

Peshwari Naan – Coconut and raisins stuffed in leavened bread. £4.50

Cheese Chili Naan £4.50

Aloo Kulcha  – stuffed with spiced potatoes £4.75

Tandoori Roti – Whole wheat bread £3.00

Lachha Paratha –  Layered whole wheat bread £3.50


Organic beet-root ‘halwa’ pudding with smoked dates £8.50
Served with dairy vanilla spotted with vanilla pods.

Rasmalai £7.75
Authentic Indian festive sweet of saffron scented poached milk dumplings.

 Gulab Jamun £7.75
Caramelised milk dumplings served with dairy vanilla.

Deshi Kulfi £7.00
 A rich, dense and creamy, Indian style gelato made of ripe fragrant mangoes.

Dairy vanilla with pods £6.50
Thick, creamy vanilla ice cream spotted with ground, aromatic vanilla pods.

 Dairy milk chocolate chip £6.50
Smooth milk chocolate dairy ice cream with rich, dark chocolate chips.

Alphanso mango sorbet £6.75
Exotically sweet whole fruit sorbet with ripe, fragrant mangoes coulis..

Tropical lime sorbet with zest £6.75
A mouth watering tropical lime sorbet


Peppermint, Camomile, Masala, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Darjeeling – £3.75


Coffee – £3.50
Espresso – £3.00
Double Espresso – £3.50
Cappuccino, Latte – £4.75
Liqueur coffee – £8.75

Dessert Wine

9Muscat de Frontignan, Chateau de Stony (½ bottle) 15%B £29.75
Lovely honey and orange marmalade fruits. Rich and floral on the finish.

• Service charge at our guest’s discretion, but a optional 10% is added to your total bill.
• All major credit cards & debit card accepted.
• All prices are VAT inclusive and in Sterling pounds.
• Errors and Omission Exempted.
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