Reviews & Awards

The Red Bible of Gastronomy

The Red Bible of Gastronomy has awarded Indian Zest with a coveted Michelin rating marking it out as one of the best Indian restaurant in the country.
‘’Original in its decoration and food with interesting mix of modern Indian and traditional regional cuisine.’’ The Michelin Guide: Since 2009 until Present

Cobra Curry Guide

“Best Boutique Restaurant UK 2013”
Pat Chapman – Cobra Curry Guide 2013 

Daily Mail

“Indian Zest among Top five – Great Indian Restaurants in Britain” Tom Parker Bowles, Daily Mail – April 2013

The Elmbridge Life style & Kingston Magazine

“Indian Zest is a neighbourhood restaurant with the charm and ambiance more often found in celebrated city eateries. The menu reflects both traditional and contemporary dishes, executed with skill and presented with a flourish.” Chrissie Walker (The Elmbridge Life style & Kingston Magazine – Oct 2010)

Eat Out Magazine

“All fiesta menus are served alongside a’ la carte menus blending contemporary and traditional Indian cuisine. Indian Zest and Indian Zing are known for the quality of their dishes served in contemporary surroundings.” Eat Out Magazine Nov – 2009 

The Elmbridge Life Style Magazine

“The clientele cannot fail to recognise that they are witnessing something very special in Indian Zest, and have the opportunity to steep themselves not just in the delectable cuisine, but in the history and culture of India. How fortunate for the locals of Lower Sunbury, that they can stroll to and from the pearl of Indian cuisine!” The Elmbridge Life Style Magazine – November 2008

Harden’s Restaurant Guide

“Established as the best in the area, serves notable good food and different cuisine.” 

Harden’s Restaurant Guide – Since 2011 until Present

Square Meal

“Indian Zest is excellent and balances traditional Indian cuisine with contemporary technique.” 

Square Meal – Since 2008 until Present

The Sunday Times

“Manoj Vasaikar blends flavours, tastes and textures like a genius artist, everything is perfect” Michael Winner (The Sunday Times May 2010)

Financial Times

“Chef/ Proprietor Manoj Vasaikar has a deft touch with spices and herbs” Bill Knott (Financial Times – April 2010)

The Sunday Telegraph

“Chef Manoj Vasaikar, has cooked in every classy Indian Restaurant you could name, from Veeraswamy to Chutney Mary. He’s Brilliant.” Zoe Williams (The Sunday Telegraph – May 2009)

Evening Standard

“When a chef is deft and intelligent, as is chef Manoj Vasaikar, any festive occasion is grist to the mill…the decor is harmonious the food special and the price sober.”  Fay Maschler (Evening Standard – 2009)

The Times

“Indian Zest in the Top 10 Indian Restaurants. Indian Zest balances traditional cuisine with contemporary technique. Flavours are strong without being over-spiced and presentation is eye catching.” The Times (The Knowledge) – Nov 2008

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