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Minimum delivery order value is £20.
Delivery service fees – from £1.50


Pappadum 85p each
Set of three home-made chutneys £2.00

Banarasi Bhajia £4.75
Our version of the popular onion bhaji. A combination of shredded onion, potatoes & spinach with fennel seeds cooked in the authentic ‘Banarasi’ style. Banaras is regarded as the spiritual capital of India & situated on the banks of sacred river Ganges.

 Aloo Matar Tikki with Sprouted Beans £6.75
A classic roadside snack of peas & potato patti drizzled with fabulous fresh chutneys.

Punjabi Samosa Chana Chaat £5.75
Samosa stuffed with spiced peas & potatoes. Served with chana masala, home-made mint-coriander, date & tamarind chutney.

 Prawn Koliwada £8.50
Classic mélange of king prawns, onion, garlic & asparagus cooked in Koliwada style. ‘Koliwada’ refers to a colony of Kolis (fishermen) in India.

Coconut Scallops with new potatoes £9.50
Pan seared succulent Scallops in coconut masala with new potatoes and a
harmonious blend of southern Indian spices.

 Nawabi Kebab £6.75
Subtly spiced, patty shaped chicken mince kebabs from the kitchens of Awadhi Nawab’s, stuffed with soft cheese & mint served with hot & sour tomato relish.

Zafrani Chicken Tikka (Main course portion also available) £6.75
Succulent pieces of chicken breast, marinated over night with yoghurt, herbs & spices. Baked on live charcoal in a clay oven & served along with fresh mint & coriander relish.

Gilafi Lamb Seekh £7.50
Lean minced lamb kebab, wrapped with finely chopped peppers & served with spicy tomato & onion chutney.


Main Course – Seafood Dishes

Konkani Fish Curry £12.75
Tilapia tempered in coconut oil with mustard seeds, simmered in boldly spiced gravy, flavoured with Cocum (souring smoked & dried fruit).

Goan Prawn Curry £14.75
King prawns poached in aromatic coconut milk & tamarind, flavoured with mustard & curry leaves.

Seafood Sangam £13.75
A ravishing combination of King prawns & tilapia with herbs & select spices.
Balanced with full flavoured rich coconut milk.

Chargrilled King Prawns in Musk Melon seeds £14.75
Warm water King prawns in a saffron-scented marinade with pomegranate & magaz seeds. Served with fresh root ginger, garlic & tomato chutney.


Main Course – Poultry Dishes

Duck Anjeeri £12.75
Sliced breast of duck cooked with tandoori figs, coconut, mustard seeds & curry leaves.

 Zest’s Chicken Makhani £9.75
Originated in the gourmet city of Delhi. Bite size pieces of chicken tikkas smothered in tomato & alluringly spiced butter sauce.

Chicken Kolhapuri £10.75
Chicken breast pieces in a sauce made with sharp shallots, tomato & white poppy seeds.
A fairly hot chicken dish originating from ‘Kolhapur’ a small town in west India.

 Chicken Miravna £9.75
A favourite home style chicken curry from Mumbai with mint, coriander,
fenugreek & stone ground spices.

Kerala Kozhi Stew £9.75
A Keralan classic stew of chicken & vegetables with mustard seeds, curry leaves & coconut milk.

Malabar Coastal Curry £9.75
A local delicacy from the Malabar coast in South India. Chicken breast cubes in a skilful blending of star anise, fresh root ginger, tomatoes & virgin extract of coconut milk.
Intensified with red chillies & curry leaves.

Saffron Chicken Korma £9.75
Cubed Chicken breast simmered in a harmonious blend of saffron, onion & cashew nuts.

Zest’s Chicken Jhalfarezi £9.75
Chargrilled chicken tikkas cooked in a rich tomato-onion & pepper gravy
with a special strain of chillies.


Main Course – Lamb Dishes

 Lamb Rogan Josh £10.75
Gently cooked lamb in a traditional Luckhnawi style punctuated with a strong flavour of knuckle juice & marrow. The most popular lamb curry in North India.

Lamb Banjara £11.75
The ancient princely state of Rajasthan gave rise to a royal cuisine.
Lamb Banjara is a traditional Rajasthani speciality of diced lamb tenderised with
natural yoghurt & cooked with coarsely ground spices.

Gotia Lamb Dagad Phool £11.75
A fiery hot lamb curry from the hills of Western Ghats. Slow cooked lamb morsels steeped in a spicy gravy enhanced with ‘dagad phool’ a black stone flower spice.

Lamb Dhansak £10.75
An all time classic Mumbai Parsee dish. A combination of lamb, puréed vegetable & lentils.

Rajputana Raan £12.75
Slow cooked Shank of lamb braised in a gravy of onion & ginger infused with alkanet root, better known as ‘Ratan Jyot’ spice in India.

Kashmiri Lamb Chops £15.75
Chargrilled lamb chops soaked overnight in a marinade of saffron, yogurt & special Kashmiri spice blend. Served with baby leaves & fresh mint-coriander chutney.

Nilgiri Lamb Thattu Kada £10.75
Lamb cubes in a deliciously spiced gravy of fresh mint-coriander, roasted coconut & curry leaves. This popular dish originates from ‘Thattu Kadas’ which are small local eateries dotted on highways in Southern India.

Rajwadi Curry Chops £15.75
A robust dish of lamb cutlets baked in clay oven and finished in a gravy of onion, ginger-garlic & Jaipuri spices.

Bombay Bohri Biryani £13.75
Bohri community is originally from Gujarat now residing in Bombay. There is a sophisticated bohri richness in the biryani with the lightness & flavour of Bombay. Available with your choice of Prawns, Chicken, Lamb or Vegetables. Served with Raita, Vegetable Gravy,
Salad & Poppadum. (Add £3.00 for Prawn Biryani).



Soya Chaap Masala £10.75
Soya chunks cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and chili
masala—a protein-rich, meat-free delight for hearty meals.

Palak Kofta Curry £9.75
Mixed vegetable dumplings cooked in a spiced spinach gravy.

 Tandoori Panner Tikka with Artichoke hearts £11.50
Tandoor grilled Artichoke hearts & Indian Cottage cheese served with green leaves & a tomato, cashew nut chutney.

(Below Side dishes also available as a main course portion with a supplement of £2.50)

Matar Paneer £7.75
Indian cottage cheese, garden green peas in tomato & fenugreek sauce.

 Mushroom Asparagus Bhaji £6.75
Mushrooms & asparagus with onion & spices.

Aloo Hara Dhania £5.75
New potatoes, roasted cumin & abundance of fresh coriander.

Tandoori Baigan Bharta £7.75
Chargrilled aubergine blended with mildly spiced tender maize kernels.

Methi Palak Meloni £6.75
A classic combination of Spinach & fresh fenugreek leaves.

Tadka Dal £6.75
Mixed Lentils tempered with garlic & red chillies.

Aloo Dum Gobhi £6.75
Braised cauliflower florets with onion & new potatoes.

Bhindi Jodhpuri £7.75
Okra, onion, tomatoes, peppers with black salt & roasted cumin.

Kabuli Chana Masala £5.75
Nutritious & protein-packed chickpeas with dried mango powder.

 Zest Salad £3.75
Green salad leaves with cucumber, carrot, tomatoes & sprouted beans.

Raita – Greek yoghurt with mix vegetables & raisins. £4.50


Long Grain Basmati Rice

Steamed Basmati Rice £3.50

Roasted Cumin & saffron pulao £3.75

Lemon & Root Ginger Rice £4.50

Khumb Pulao – Mushroom Rice £4.50

Masala Chawal £5.50
Basmati rice with roasted spices & vegetables.


Tandoori Indian Breads

 Naan – Leavened bread. £3.50

Garlic Naan – Leavened bread with garlic. £3.75

Peshwari Naan £4.25
Coconut and raisins stuffed in leavened bread.

Cheese Chili Naan £4.25

Aloo Kulcha – stuffed with spiced potatoes. £4.50

Tandoori Roti – Whole wheat bread. £3.25

Lachha Paratha – Layered wheat bread. £3.75

Bread of the Day (Please ask the server) £u4.50



Gulab Jamun – Caramelised milk dumplings. £5.75

Rasmalai £6.75
Saffron scented poached milk dumpling. £5.75



 Cobra – 330ml – 4.5% (India) £3.75

Tiger – 330ml – 4.8% (Singapore) £3.75

Brakspear Beer – 500ml – 4.6% (UK) £5.50

Aspall Classic Organic Cider – 500ml – 6.8% (UK) £6.25

Fuller’s Indian Classic Pale Ale (Chiswick England) 5.3% 500ml £5.50


Soft Drinks

Lassi – Sweet / Salted / Mango £3.75

Coke/Diet Coke – 330ml glass bottle £2.50

Lemonade/Sprite – 330ml glass bottle £2.50

Sill/Sparkling Water – 750cl £3.75


Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon, Les Templiers – 13% £13.75
Vin de Pays – France – blackcurrant & blackberry flavours with ripe balanced tannins.

Sula Shiraz – Sula Vineyard Nashik – India – 13% £17.75
Full bodied red fruit flavours & a rich & smooth finish.

Malbec Finca la Colonia 14% £16.75
Bodega Norton – Argentina – Dark berry fruit and spicy flavours.

Organic Nero d’Avola Montalto 13% £17.75
Sicily – Italy
Aromas of ripe red fruits and sweet spices. The fruit
flavours continue on the round, generous palate.

Merlot Gran Hacienda 13.5% £19.75
Rapel Valley – Chile
Dark, rich black fruits with soft well rounded flavours.


White Wine

Chardonnay, Les Templiers Vin de Pays, France – 13% £13.75
A crisp white wine with refreshing citrus fruit flavours.

Sula Sauvignon Blanc – Sula Vineyard Nashik – India – 13% £17.75
2012 – Herbaceous, crisp & dry, with hints of green pepper & a touch of spice at the finish.

Chenin Blanc Kleinkloof 13% £16.75
Paarl South Africa – Fresh with aromas of apple, peach and citrus.

Organic Catarratto Montalto 12.5% £17.75
Sicily – Italy
Fruity, with aromas of apples and nuts. Crisp yet rounded,
with citrus peel and herbs flavours.

Pinot Grigio Terre del Noce 12% £19.75
Dolomiti – Italy
Elegant and dry with apple and banana fruit aromas, floral lift in the mouth, and a clean, crisp finish.

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