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Three Course Festive Brunch on Christmas Day !

Choose from various dishes specially selected for their authentic styles and sumptuous flavours.
12.00 noon until 5.00 pm – £45 pp

Please choose one Starter

Kaju Prawns
Jumbo prawns, cashew sauce flavoured with ripe mangoes.

.Lehsooni Tikka
Tender pieces of tandoori chicken tikkas in a marinade of roasted garlic & select spices.

Peas and Potato Tikki with Sprouted Beans
Peas and potato patti with spices and fresh herbs drizzled with yoghurt, tamarind and sprouted beans, garnished with assorted baby cress leaves.

Please choose one Main Course

Stuffed Paneer Masaledar
Indian Cottage cheese stuffed with onion, potato, and bell peppers, served with chef’s special vegetable sauce.

Awadhi Murg
Breast of chicken stuffed with delicately spiced baby spinach, bell peppers, sweet corn & Indian cottage cheese- paneer.
Cooked in Dum Pukht style and served with smooth coconut-almond gravy.
Distinctive feature of ‘Awadhi cuisine’ is the ‘Dum Pukht’ process of cooking which involves sealing ingredients in a large pot placed over slow fire, allowing the ingredients to cook in their own juices.

  Laal Maans
The ancient princely state of Rajasthan gave rise to a royal cuisine. Laal Maans is a traditional Rajasthani speciality
of diced baby lamb cooked with dried red chillies and crushed garlic.

Served with

Aloo Dum Gobhi
Braised cauliflower with onions, spices and new potatoes.

 Dal Makhani
Creamy and buttery Dal Makhani is one of India’s most loved Dal !
This dal has whole black lentils cooked with butter and cream and simmered on low heat for that unique flavour.

 Sultana Pualo
Long grain Basmati Pulao with raisins and saffron.

Coriander and sesame seed Naan


Traditional Indian Cashew Burfi with Vanilla pods.

indianzestThree Course Festive Brunch on Christmas Day !


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  • Jayne Molyneaux - 4th December 2020 reply

    Can I book a table for 3 on Christmas day at 3.00 p.m.

    indianzest - 7th December 2020 reply

    Sure…Kindly call at the restaurant on 01932765000 and the manager will be able to conform the booking.

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